Design for Activism

In June, The Hague Hacks hosted an event to design a workflow that creates opportunities for tech experts and companies to support human rights activists online. Something that is very needed, as online harassment is a worrying trend. Click here to read more.

Connecting Tech and Human Rights

I’m thrilled to share the first post of what will become my Monthly Blog for The Hague Hacks. I’m very happy to be a part of this amazing organisation. From now on, I’ll be your eyes and ears for all activities related to their mission: bridging the gap between technology and human rights. Check out […]

Startup Shorts

Visit Startup Shorts. A series of short edited interview fragments with startup founders at all points in their careers, from people that just started a company to seasoned entrepreneurs. They talk about how they make their best decisions, how to deal with failure, the best advice they’ve been given, and give advice based on their […]

We Are The World

Read the full thesis – We Are The World: Environmental sustainability in a spiritual eco-community in Japan Fresh from Tokyo, still slightly awed with the cacophony of impressions, sounds, lights, sights, smells, tastes and surprises that make Japan’s capitol city unlike anything in the world, I arrived in Fujinomiya at the beginning of January to […]

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