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Tell Your Story
Your story matters. It’s how people remember you and your company. I can help tell your story.

I focus on creating great content, so you can focus on creating a great business.

Not sure about your strategy yet? I can think of some great new ideas with you.

Content Writing

I write content tailored to your audience from 250 word blog posts to long-form 2000+ word articles. While I use keywords in my writing, I write for people and not purely for SEO. That way, you’ll get content that truly speaks to people and that avoids ugly keyword stuffing.

Creative Writing

Through my writing, I wish to inspire and explore. I write creative pieces for companies in the form of articles, website content, and (interactive) stories. I also have my personal writing project, where I write a story with the readers. Interested? Visit:


Do you want to write a book or do you need help with your website, thesis, job application or yearly report? I will help you get it written. From writing, correcting, redirecting to motivating, I’ll be there every step of the way.

Social Media

I create and manage social media pages for companies by combining a company’s story with fun, interesting and unique content.  

App Development

In my spare time I developed an iOS app. Check out my app Jolk (available for iOS and Android). It’s free and it gives you a new joke every morning. Start your day with a smile 🙂

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